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There are currently six bells made by Warner and Sons, Foundry of London, of England. It is proposed that another three bells be purchased to create a matching standard peal of eight, plus a tolling bell.

Bells are cast in bell metal, (a type of bronze), and weigh from less than 50 kilograms (1 cwt) to more than 450 kilograms (9 cwt). They are tuned to a normal diatonic scale. Each bell is attached to a wheel with a rope running round it, whose end hangs down to the ringing room below.

The bells are arranged in a bell-frame so that the ropes hang down in a circle. A swinging bell creates a sound of harmonic richness and sonority, which cannot be matched by the same bell hanging motionless and being hit by a hammer – as occurs in a carillon.

The bells were returned to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1992 to be retuned and refitted with headstocks by Eayre and Smith.

Three new bells were made by Taylor’s Bell Foundry in 2005.

Original Bells

The six original bells are as follows:

     No. 1      F           679 x 505 mm      201 kg                               Barlow Family

     No. 2      E flat    733 x 546 mm      251 kg                               Hallstrom Family

     No. 3      D flat    768 x 572 mm      289 kg                               Holcroft Family

     No. 4      C           860 x 664 mm     379 kg                               Hurford Family

     No. 5      B flat    914 x 686 mm      467 kg                               Yeates - Wiburd

     No. 6      A flat    940 x 660 mm      395 kg   (old tenor)          Sloman

New Bells

                    Top A flat,  610 x  490      186 kg                                 Bolam Family

                    G, and        635 x  510      205 kg                                 T J Sargeant Family

                    A flat           991 x  792       603 kg    (new tenor)        McNeil Family

The old tenor bell will become the ‘tolling bell’, used to call people to worship.


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